Just plain fed up

I am just fed up. Tired of just about everything. Almost to the breaking point before I explode.

Sorry, could care less what color, race, gender, age group, sexual preference you are. If you dress like a tramp, slut, trash, then there is not much I can do but think of you as such. If you want respect then you need to project respect. Pull up your damned pants, put your ball cap on straight. I think I am going to got to Walmart just so I can add more photo’s to People Of  Walmart.

Stay away from my arms. These are protected natural rights.


To establishments who advertise with the above sign, don’t expect my patronage. I would feel unsafe in your business  or establishment because all you are doing is letting the folks who could give a crap about the law an open invitation to rob your place.

If you want to be a homosexual, trans gender, bi, cross dresser that is your damned business. But I ask you to PLEASE stop trying to pass it off as pure and or natural. It is not.

Man + Woman = Children

Penis + Vagina = Children

These are what sexual differences were NATURALLY made for. It IS that simple.

This land is your land this land is my land? Or is it? Our Federal Government obviously doesn’t think so. Just google search land grabs and Agenda 21 or the Bundy Ranch or Colorado or Texas or taxation on your property which makes you a tenant and NOT an owner. You are just renting it.

Done with my vent for the moment. More later.


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