Today’s ramblings for July 9th 2012

First let me say happy belated 4th of July to everyone.

How did you spend your 4th?

Myself, I spent the majority of it talking with neighbors about what the 4th meant to me and took in their opinions of what it meant for them. I was very happy that most of the people I spoke with had a good grasp of what the 4th is really about. To bad we didn’t have a vote.

In other news. I am a full blown delegate now. All of our delegates which had been voted in have had to cancel for various reasons. While I am excited now because instead of being an alternate I am now a full delegate but we have no alternates ūüė¶

Still, really looking forward to Tampa and getting a chance to meet all the folks I have been in contact with on FB!


Today’s ramblings June 29th

Today I just picked up a few more toys for my latest toy. I purchased a HTC Jetstream. Now I have ordered a Scribe pen, cover case and a screen protector.

They are all really cool toys. Did I really “NEED” them? No, not really. Yes they will help me at work since I can use them instead of lugging a heavy laptop all around.

So where am I going with my rambling today. Well, SCOTUS decision  of course.

Today the SCOTUS upheld Obamacare.

So now, if I don’t purchase “Health Care” which is GOVERNMENT APPROVED “Health Care” I can have an additional “TAX” added to my tithing I am paying to the Federal Government.


Wait a second? Isn’t this supposed to be America? The land of the FREE? The home of the BRAVE?


Today’s Rambling June 22

So let’s say I worked REALLY hard. I invested my money well. I grew my sum of total assets steadily and wisely and I am now worth say $250 million dollars. Or, I wrote a novel which became a overnight success. Or, I won the multi-million lottery.

This is of course hypothetical.

Should I pay more taxes (percentage wise) than someone who makes $30K a year?


No, really. WHY?

Why should I be penalized for DOING THE RIGHT THING?


The same roads.

The same power.

The same water and sewage.


What logic dictates in the mind of a Liberal that says because I am successful I need to be punished?

America was not created to be the land of taxation. It was in fact created BECAUSE of taxation. The founding fathers were SICK of paying taxes.


Quick rambling for the 1st of June

This just came to me in a momentary flash of brilliance.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. Move that man to the USA and 2/3’ds of his fish will be taken from him unwillingly and given to the people in the first sentence.

Do Republicans even KNOW what it means to be a Republican?

Do Republicans even KNOW what it means to be a Republican?

Have you ever even studied your parties roots? Their basic philosophy? History? Beliefs?

Do you know your party started with Thomas Jefferson?

It was called the Democratic-Republican party.

Then we became the Whigs.

Then Republicans.

Basic principles:

1. Small Government (Ron Paul)

2. Follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights. (Ron Paul)

3. Power with the House and Senate NOT with the President. (Ron Paul)

4. States more powerful than the Federal government. (Ron Paul)

5. Protect Civil Liberties (Ron Paul)

6. Protect Freedom (Ron Paul)

7. Encourage scientific growth and free enterprise (Ron Paul)

8. Strong DEFENSIVE military (Ron Paul)

9. DO NOT ENTANGLE with foreign states (Ron Paul)

10. Personal RESPONSIBILITY (Ron Paul)

THIS is what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for. These are basic PRINCIPLES as Republicans we are all supposed to fight for and believe in.

Now. Ask yourself. Which presidential candidate meets the basic principles of the Republican party?

¬†I don’t see Mitt Romney’s name next to ANY of these.


Can you not see?

Can you not see there is a major problem in the USA today? Shadow parties, affidavits, invalidating results, ballot box rigging, dead voters, missing results? Why are they so scared?

What if?

In honor of Judge Andrew Napolitano I am starting a What if set of posts.

What if America got rid of all the¬†bureaucratic agencies? What if America went back to being a nation of laws? What if America abolished income taxes? What if the republican party would be¬†honest and followed its own rules? What if we rid our political parties of the neo’s and ino’s? What if Congress grew some balls and started governing again? What if the position of the Presidency became respectful again?


Today’s ramblings May 29th

What can I say? Was a very uneventful weekend. I had intended to go outside and flash my RP gear but my foot was killing me so instead I stayed home and studied history. I truly wish I was as articulate as some of our founding fathers, or even as my father was. I wish I had the ability to move a crowd with either my speaking or my writing.

Till I can accomplish this feat I will just continue to ramble and rant out my feelings.

America, today I saw a post on FB which stated something to the effect of we can survive Barack  Obama. But what we can not survive is a voter base that would elect more like him. Oh how true this is.

If America continues to make mistakes like this we are doomed.

My May 25 rambling

Well, today I turned 24 (yeah right!) and felt it would be amiss if I didn’t post a rambling today. Thanks to all who have wished me happy birthday in advance ūüôā

I am feeling very frustrated. Today I received a Robo Call from the Mitt Romney campaign. His first sentence was “Now that Ron Paul has suspended his campaign.”

There is one thing about “Dirty” politics, but flat out LIES?

Show me a press release where Ron Paul states he has suspended his campaign?

Why create shadow parties and illegally force delegates and alternate delegates under pain of punishment to vote for you round one if he has suspended his campaign?

DO YOU REALLY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID? You have another thing coming bud.


Continuing my May 24th rambling

Sovereignty defined from Merriam Webster’s on-line dictionary. But what does this mean for you?

Our countries founding fathers had a deep understanding of this word. When America was a colonial offshoot of the British empire, this meant that every man, woman and child was a, for lack of a better word, a slave to the sovereign country of Great Britain, or to be more precise lackeys to King George III.

While taxation was an important part of the American Revolutionary war against Great Britain it wasn’t the main reason we revolted against King George.

So, what was the main reason for the American Revolutionary war? It was to enable the people of America to decide their own sovereignty.

Our founding fathers were animate¬†believers that man, being a creation of God, and created in God’s likeness; and God, being a free and sovereign entity, meant that man also was his or her own¬†¬†sovereign¬†entities.

This means, what I have is mine and mine alone. My name. My property. My time. My knowledge. My thoughts. My beliefs. This all belongs to me and to no one else.

When America was a colony of Great Britain that meant that my name, my property, my time and my knowledge was the property of King George III. So, they were not, in the Royalties point of view, mine.

Any form of government outside of self, is in essence, a forfeiture of your sovereignty to an external entity.

So, our founding fathers created guidelines on how this new America would operate. These guidelines were named the Constitution of the United States of America.

But, some of our founders also thought these guidelines were not enough so again they convened and created our first amendments to this constitution.

Both the constitution and the amendments having been created to PROTECT your personal sovereignty.

In general our founding fathers created their first laws based on a combination of both civil law and common law.

But, there is a twist. And this is where personal responsibility plays a big part in all of this. Our founding fathers wanted each and every single American to be a part of this system. This, being a means to prevent the takeover of and by bureaucrats.

Now, as time has passed, because we, as Americans have ignored our civic duty to protect our own personal sovereignty have allowed lawmakers and bureaucrats to strip away what is, given by God, the ownership of Me.

There are those in this world who truly believe that you do not own yourself. They truly believe that you can not govern yourself. They would have you give them all of your time, knowledge, property for their convoluted personal self interest.

They have created organizations, political parties, governing agencies, an endless list of taxes all to strip away your GOD GIVEN SOVEREIGNTY.

The ball is in your court Americans. Do the many stand up and tell the few NO MORE? Or will you continue to allow them to take away your sovereignty?


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