Rambling 3/6/13






This is what and how the super elite want you to feel.



Guilty for everything you have. Guilty for how much you consume. Guilty for everything you don’t have. Guilty for being white. Guilty for being black.

They want you to feel guilty if you have more than the next person, they want you to feel guilty for having less than someone else. They want you to feel guilty for the impact you have on your surroundings.

They will tug at your heartstrings with propaganda, pseudo-science, advertising and more. All to try to make you feel guilty.

If you are always feeling as  if you are on a guilt trip, then you give your power over to them. And this is want they want. Control. They do not want you to be free. If you are free then they have no power or control over you.

Please note I did not mention republicans, or democrats here. If you follow the pyramid from bottom to the top you will see it all goes from us at the bottom up towards those powerful few at the top. A pyramid has a left side, and a right side, but they all lead up to a single point at the top.

Well, to them I say this. Innocent until proven guilty!

Yes, what ever happened to that thought. One of our very countries founding beliefs! Is that not a novel idea?

When you start to wake up and realize who the real culprits are. You will find that the only thing stopping you from getting to a point you want to be at is yourself. When you realize it is you that has the power, it is you that has the control nothing can stop you.

Stop feeling guilty!



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