Whiskey Joe’s

One ramble I have been wanting to do is about my experience at Whiskey Joe’s.

First and foremost I met a lot of great people there. But, being jet lagged and a little drunk after a beer (Yes I am a lightweight) nothing could compare to what happened when I was standing in the food line.

I had just gotten to the plates when Dr. Paul walked in. Now I am a 44 year old man but I felt like a kid walking into a candy store being told I could grab whatever I wanted. Giddy would accurately describe it. Here I was, only 4 feet away from a man who had literally woken me from my slumber.  It took EVERY single ounce of restraint not to walk over and bother him. You could tell he was a bit tired, and his lovely wife was with him. So, biting my tongue I waited politely until he was seated and then went and piled my plate. I however could not resist to snap a few photo’s of him after I reached the end of the food line.

Later that evening I was able to get a photo of myself with him. WOW. Was having a hard time not crying.

No other single man has effected me in this way.



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