Today’s ramblings June 29th

Today I just picked up a few more toys for my latest toy. I purchased a HTC Jetstream. Now I have ordered a Scribe pen, cover case and a screen protector.

They are all really cool toys. Did I really “NEED” them? No, not really. Yes they will help me at work since I can use them instead of lugging a heavy laptop all around.

So where am I going with my rambling today. Well, SCOTUS decision  of course.

Today the SCOTUS upheld Obamacare.

So now, if I don’t purchase “Health Care” which is GOVERNMENT APPROVED “Health Care” I can have an additional “TAX” added to my tithing I am paying to the Federal Government.


Wait a second? Isn’t this supposed to be America? The land of the FREE? The home of the BRAVE?



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