Today’s ramblings June 29th

Today I just picked up a few more toys for my latest toy. I purchased a HTC Jetstream. Now I have ordered a Scribe pen, cover case and a screen protector.

They are all really cool toys. Did I really “NEED” them? No, not really. Yes they will help me at work since I can use them instead of lugging a heavy laptop all around.

So where am I going with my rambling today. Well, SCOTUS decision  of course.

Today the SCOTUS upheld Obamacare.

So now, if I don’t purchase “Health Care” which is GOVERNMENT APPROVED “Health Care” I can have an additional “TAX” added to my tithing I am paying to the Federal Government.


Wait a second? Isn’t this supposed to be America? The land of the FREE? The home of the BRAVE?


Today’s Rambling June 22

So let’s say I worked REALLY hard. I invested my money well. I grew my sum of total assets steadily and wisely and I am now worth say $250 million dollars. Or, I wrote a novel which became a overnight success. Or, I won the multi-million lottery.

This is of course hypothetical.

Should I pay more taxes (percentage wise) than someone who makes $30K a year?


No, really. WHY?

Why should I be penalized for DOING THE RIGHT THING?


The same roads.

The same power.

The same water and sewage.


What logic dictates in the mind of a Liberal that says because I am successful I need to be punished?

America was not created to be the land of taxation. It was in fact created BECAUSE of taxation. The founding fathers were SICK of paying taxes.


Quick rambling for the 1st of June

This just came to me in a momentary flash of brilliance.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. Move that man to the USA and 2/3’ds of his fish will be taken from him unwillingly and given to the people in the first sentence.

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