Do Republicans even KNOW what it means to be a Republican?

Do Republicans even KNOW what it means to be a Republican?

Have you ever even studied your parties roots? Their basic philosophy? History? Beliefs?

Do you know your party started with Thomas Jefferson?

It was called the Democratic-Republican party.

Then we became the Whigs.

Then Republicans.

Basic principles:

1. Small Government (Ron Paul)

2. Follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights. (Ron Paul)

3. Power with the House and Senate NOT with the President. (Ron Paul)

4. States more powerful than the Federal government. (Ron Paul)

5. Protect Civil Liberties (Ron Paul)

6. Protect Freedom (Ron Paul)

7. Encourage scientific growth and free enterprise (Ron Paul)

8. Strong DEFENSIVE military (Ron Paul)

9. DO NOT ENTANGLE with foreign states (Ron Paul)

10. Personal RESPONSIBILITY (Ron Paul)

THIS is what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for. These are basic PRINCIPLES as Republicans we are all supposed to fight for and believe in.

Now. Ask yourself. Which presidential candidate meets the basic principles of the Republican party?

 I don’t see Mitt Romney’s name next to ANY of these.



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