Today’s Ramblings. My 21st 2012

So, lots and lots of folks very very confused about what is going on in the Republican race for president. Is Ron Paul in or is he out? Romney is getting all of the popular vote so why isn’t he already a shoe in to the party?

Oh America. You poor dear sheep. Jesus still loves you.

There is a REASON for all of what is going on today. Our founding fathers were not very thrilled about a party system. However, since it looked to be inevitable, they did what they could to make and keep the party systems in line with the countries values.

I have said this before and I will say it YET again and probably will say it a few times more in the future till you folks get it again. America is NOT a DEMOCRACY. WE ARE A REPUBLIC.

This is one reason WHY we have first local, then county level delegate selections, then state. This was put in to place to ensure that viable candidates for each party had to endure the long and arduous processes required to become the slates candidate. It was designed to FORCE each candidate to get folks INVOLVED in the PROCESSES and FIGHT through. Being a delegate or alternate is NOT an EASY thing. It requires or us to take TIME and MONEY from their OWN POCKETS and take TIME to LEARN the system. We delegates are responsible for creating the RULES and PLATFORMS the party will stand by.

Remember the Republican party was the creation of originally the ANTI-Federalists. IE. Smaller Federal Government, more power to the states. The original Republicans where classical liberalisms.

So, getting back on my original topic. No, Ron Paul is NOT out of this race by any small means. He is using the system as it was designed to FORCE the issues BACK into the limelight. The Republican Party has been HIJACKED by NEO-Conservatives and RINO forces. Ron Paul is trying to SAVE the GOP and return it to its original values. It’s Constitutional values.




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