Today’s ramblings May 17th

I have a question to ask you today. And, please, be honest with me, and yourself when you answer this question.

If I walked into your house and walked out of it with all the money you had stashed in your back room cupboard, your brand new flat screen TV and you iPad, you would probably be pissed? Wouldn’t you? I know if you did that to me I would be pissed.

So, now tell me, honestly, what is any different by the government taxing you for everything under the sun? Really, what is the difference?

And I am not talking just the FICA taxes or taxes on your income, you are taxed literally to death.

Need a new license, taxed. Need a new house, taxed and taxed again yearly. Need gas, taxed. Need health care, taxed. The list is almost endless.

Now where do all these taxes go? Why is your town broke? Why is your states broke? Why is your country broke?

Really, can you answer these questions? Where in the hell is all this money going?

Seems to me we are getting very shafted by these tax collectors and tax spenders.

I am not an economist so of course I do not have answers to all of these questions or even solutions. But, some things just make sense to me and I would like to put them forth here.

First, why in the hell are we spending $1,415,000,000,000 on defence? Really? That is just in 2011. China, which spends the 2nd most is only at maybe a third of that or approximately $300,000,000.000. And that is a HIGH estimate. Every other country which spends much less that that which are supposed “THREATS” to us.

I mean really people. Come on now. ARE YOU THAT FRIGGN DUMB?

Tell me. How can we be afraid of any other country in the world? Yet the Military Industrial Complex would have you spend more and more TRILLIONS of YOUR money on DEFENCE?

Then there is this whole WE HAVE TO RUN AWAY FROM THE SCARY  TERRORISTS thing the MSM (Mainstream media for those of you that don’t know already AKA. the LSM or LAMESTREAM media) loves to plaster over their so called “News Reports”.

BAH. When are you going to WAKE UP people? So now, you will give up your 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th 10th amendment rights for some FALSE sense of SECURITY?

Sure, we all want our airports safe. But you do know WE ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD NOW. YES, WE ARE. I have talked to so many foreigners and they LAUGH at me about our so called AIRPORT SECURITY.

Well, I am done rambling for the moment but I want to leave some thoughts in your head.

1. Close all bases worldwide, end all the illegal unconstitutional wars.

Think about it. If America closed all of its bases and forced the rest of the so called FRIENDLY countries to provide for their own defensive means I think the world would be a much safer place. Don’t get me wrong. America has and should continue to have the worlds most kick ass Navy and Marines. These are to be used for AGGRESSIVE POSTURING when CONGRESS makes a determination that it is necessary.

We should also have the most massive Army National Guard and Air National Guard on the planet. Who would want to mess with us then? I don’t think anyone would even THINK about trying it.

Both of these stances are CONSTITUTIONALLY CORRECT.

They are also the most FINANCIALLY CORRECT.

Also, with the 2nd amendment every man and woman in America owning a firearm alone would be a deterrent in itself. I mean think about it. 300,000,000 people with guns. Would YOU want to invade a country like that.

Hell, if you think about it, would you want to try to STEAL something if you knew 1 out of every 2 Americans carries or owns a firearm?

So, now, not only do we have national defence covered, we have also taken a huge bite out of crime also.

No, not every person should be allowed to own a weapon. If they have committed a felony or otherwise infamous crime then they can and should be restricted from owning or possessing a firearm.

2. Get out of this entitlement attitude America. And, STOP STEALING MY MONEY!

Our country was not created so that every man woman and child gets healthcare, food, water, education, a new iPad and a flat screen TV.

As I stated earlier in this rambling, if you TAX (STEAL) something from me to ENTITLE (Give something for free) those who are not willing to work for it themselves then eventually the money will tap out. DO YOU NOT GET IT? Also, this idea of taking from someone to give to another to stimulate is a crock of SHIT.

An analogy I once heard was imagine a swimming pool. Take a bucket of water from one end of the pool and walk to the other end of the pool and dump it back in. There is STILL the same amount of water in the pool.

Out country was created to give every man woman and child EQUAL opportunities to PURSUE these things.

This means get rid of all the bull shit bureaucracies. We don’t want or need them.

And you might say, “Wow Michael is so cold hearted because he wants to end entitlement programs.” I say you couldn’t be further from the TRUTH.

Instead of GIVING away to the needy we should be creating new ways for them to get back on their feet. A very wise man once said “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach the man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Don’t you think those are some pretty wise words?

I am NOT saying we should not help out folks who are in a pinch. No. But I am saying that you can ONLY give so much as is required to get someone off their lazy ass and become a Citizen again.

3. Support your TROOPS!

If you see a vet on the street who is homeless and DO NOT OFFER to help him in some way, but then the next day I see you cheering “Yeah America, Yeah TROOPS” I am going to pinch your nipples off. You HYPOCRITE. Every time I see a vet in trouble I have ALWAYS tried to help them in some way. I have given food, found two of them jobs. Luckily I have not come across many others here.


I don’t know about you but if I woke up one morning and there were foreign troops trouncing through my town I would be pretty pissed off and would grab a few guns and some ammo and start picking them off. So tell me. How do you think the people in Iraq, Iran, South America, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and other places around the world feel?

Ok enough for now. More in a few days.


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