Today’s ramblings May 11th (Semi Rant)

Today’s my moms birthday! Happy Birthday MOM I Love you!!!!!

So, I have bought and paid for my plane ticket to Tampa in August so I can attend as a Alternate Delegate.

You know it is one thing to get frustrated. I was not easily flustered in my youth. Now, I can’t help but stifling a scream each time I read the news.

I am REALLY getting sick of how the news treats Dr. Ron Paul. They, that being the establishment, must REALLY be scared of what is happening in America. CNN and other MSM news outlets viewership dropping as much as 50%. Don’t they get it. WE ARE WAKING PEOPLE UP.

What they should do is start reporting NEWS again instead of commentary. Report on FACTS. But that concept is just way to difficult for them to understand. Otherwise we will just drop them completely.  Simple formula:

Pissed off viewers = Less Viewers = Less Advertising = Less Revenue = BANKRUPTCY


known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure;esoteric: She knew a lot about Sanskrit grammar and other arcanematters.

Have you noticed the media has been using this term a lot when it come to how Ron Paul is acquiring delegates.  So, how is it that something that has been used for the past hundred or so years arcane? There is nothing secret or mysterious about this process of delegate selection. The rules are clearly laid out in national, and local levels. Then of course these are the same folks that are trying to make you also believe that the Constitution is arcane so why am I surprised?

They also said how the electorate process is arcane when a president can win popular votes but lose the election.

What these people (Faint at) not understanding is these methods are in place because of the Republican government structure we were founded on. Yes, I will  say it once more. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY! WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY!


Democracy = Two wolves and one sheep voting on what is for dinner.
Republic = Representative government ruled by law

Is it really that hard to grasp.

Democracies fail because once people realize they can vote for idiotic things like free TV’s and Cell Phones and food and such they do. Who the hell pays for it all?

And for you Socialists.

Watch the documentary “I want your money”

More on this later.


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