Today’s Ramblings

I opened this blog some time ago and have probably 15 unfinished blogs saved as drafts. I realized if I keep trying to be such a perfectionist none of them will ever get published. So, I have decided instead to do what I will call Today’s Ramblings where I will just push out my thoughts and opinions on what I see as important to me and my posterity.

Today I want to talk about this whole Trayvon Martin incident.

George Zimmerman should go before a Grand Jury. Yes, that’s right. He should. I have now and have always felt that if one man kills another then he should be tried for at a minimum, involuntary manslaughter. However, if the grand jury determines there is not enough evidence for this to go to trial; then as they say,  “That should be that.” And it is over and done with and lets move on with our lives.

If the media and the “I would be gods” politicians and actors continue to push this whole thing as an “ISSUE” then how about we take everyone of them and look into THEIR pasts? Eh?

A wise man once said “Let he that has not sinned throw the first stone.” John 8:7


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