So, one might of course ask, what is WTFUA? Well, to put simply it stands for Wake the F@!# Up America.

Living on the Island of Guam perhaps gives me a unique perspective since when I do my news browsing I look for sources across the entire US instead of just the local small town news, and in doing this I have come to some pretty grim conclusions about the great country I grew up in.

Through the life course of this blog I am hoping to join the slowly growing force of TRUE American Patriots; citizens of this great country that believe in the cornerstone of what this great country was built on, better known as the Constitution of the United States of America.

I will be analysing what historical documents I can find, whatever law I can reference and sometimes just plain gut feelings on how I feel about what the Constitution states and what the current leaders are doing with it.

I am strongly looking forward to open, active debating and discussion from anyone who chuses [sic] to follow my thoughts.


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