This is frightening!


Now this is one scary thought! Let’s all just suspend our Constitutionally protected GOD GIVEN RIGHT to vote into office those who are supposed to represent what We the People want for this country. More on this later.




So, one might of course ask, what is WTFUA? Well, to put simply it stands for Wake the F@!# Up America.

Living on the Island of GuamĀ perhaps gives me a unique perspective since when I do my news browsing I look for sources across the entire US instead of just the local small town news, and in doing this I have come to some pretty grim conclusions about the great country I grew up in.

Through the life course of this blog I am hoping to join the slowly growing force of TRUE American Patriots; citizens of this great country that believe in the cornerstone of what this great country was built on, better known as the Constitution of the United States of America.

I will be analysing what historical documents I can find, whatever law I can reference and sometimes just plain gut feelings on how I feel about what the Constitution states and what the current leaders are doing with it.

I am strongly looking forward to open, active debating and discussion from anyone who chuses [sic] to follow my thoughts.

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